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Cover Glass

We are a global leader in cover glass processing. We produce cover glass for smart devices and consumer electronics products which is thinner, harder and more aesthetically pleasing than traditionally processed glass.

We could produce 3-inch to 15.6-inch cover glass with specific dimensions, strength, color, printing and coating characteristics and other aesthetic features for smart devices, including and wearable smart devise and consumer electronics.  We process sheets of glass by altering them to meet the dimension, strength, cut and finish specified by our customers for their smart and other electronic devices.

We use silk screen printing to create the bezel and logos for cover glass and apply our surface treatment technologies to apply functional and aesthetic coatings to produce high quality which meets our customers' needs.



Our use of advanced technologies and automated process results in cover glass which is thinner and harder in specific shapes and dimensions and with a specific convexity. Our automated CNC and printing machines result in increased efficiency and improved production yield compared with the non-automated machines used by some of our competitors.

Our CNC machines are custom designed and built to integrate a number of production steps into a single production process, resulting in higher product quality and improved production yields.

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