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Metal Injection Molding

Metal Injection Molding ("MIM"), is a forming technology that is typically used to create small, thin, light and/or complex mental parts with certain desired metal properties for use in a variety of industries and applications. MIM is often used by customers who require metal parts to be of a precise size, shape, weight and durability for functional or aesthetic reasons and in large volumes.

Application of MIM techniques to powder metallurgy (for metals and alloys with higher melting points, such as stainless steel and titanium) or metal rods through metal injection (for metals and alloys with lower melting points, such as magnesium and aluminum).  MIM has the following advantages over other similar production processes:

  • greater complexity, thinness, hardness, density and design flexibility, particularly for smaller sized components; 
  • better mechanical properties and strength compared with CNC machining and casting; 
  • more efficient than CNC machining, as less waste material is generated during the process, much of which can be recycled or re-used;
  • better surface finishing compared with casting and traditional forging; 
  • wider application to various metals and advanced materials, such as ceramics.



We produce metal Touch and Look components for smart devices, including metal casings of complex shapes and precision metal components such as bezels, buttons and trims. We also produce precision metal watch components, bands and cases, as well as bracelets, jewelry parts and metal parts for automobiles, eyewear, cameras and medical equipment, such as parts for hearing aids and microsurgical instruments.

We are able to use MIM to more efficiently manufacture products which are lighter, thinner, harder and/or more precise than components made through other processes such as CNC machining. Our MIM capabilities can produce components with tolerance of 2 microns, which reduces the need for secondary processing.

We are also able to apply MIM and surface treatment processes to magnesium and aluminum components, which we believe few other companies can do. 




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