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Metal Processing

Precision metal processing is the production of highly precise metal parts using several forming and surface treatment technologies, including metal stamping, hot and cold forming and surface forging, CNC machining and surface finishing (polishing, hairline brushing and sand blasting).

Our precision metal processing capabilities can produce components with tolerances of 20 microns. We also produce metal casings and components for renowned watch makers, branded smart device vendors and smart device contract manufacturers using precision metal processing technologies. We currently manufacture metal casings and components by using different substrate materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, zirconium, gold, silver and metal matrix composite. 

We offer a range of metal forming technologies that complement our MIM technology to provide a complete one-stop service to satisfy customer needs.


Stamping( Progressive/Compound)

Forging (Hot / Cold)



CNC Producing difficult features and high accuracy


Lasering, Welding

Lasering  text, pattern &  Assembly with 2 metals


 Metal Processing Sample Product



Metal Processing Core Processes

Molding Design

Stamping / Forging





Testing / Quality Control